Electric winches

Our Electric Winches designed and Manufactured in South Africa are Multipurpose for the Mining, Construction, Demolition and Industrial Industry. Each Electric Winch is Certified for its Designed Application

  • The Electric Winch is Designed to fit your Application. The Smooth STOP and START and no Jerking with Variable Speed Drive Electric Winches
  • Electric Winches are Easy to operate and Quiet with Low Noise Pollution.  Electric Winches can be fitted with High Speed Brakes and Caliper Brakes for Ultra Safety
  • Should the Electric Winch loose its Electrical Supply, the brakes will close and not release until Power is restored (Fail Safe System). Park Brakes can be fitted to Electrical Winches for Non-Operational use and Extra Safety
  • Electric Winches are ideal for delicate/Gentle Winching Applications – Slow and Soft start while having the control to Run the Electric Winch at Full speed when necessary and have the Electric Winch stop Gently again.
  • Electric Winches Available on Single Phase 220V, 3-Phase 50Hz – 380V, 400V, 415V, 460V, 480V, 525V, 550V, 690V, 1000V.  Electrical Supply 60Hz – 60Hz – 460V, 480V
  • Electrical Winches are also Available as “Plug and Play” units and no Commissioning required on certain electric winch models.

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