Take-Up Winches

Abacus Winches do not simply supply Conveyor Take-up Winches, we provide Automatic Conveyor Tensioning System Solutions. Conveyor Tension Control looks like the simplest thing on a Conveyor. So, what is all the fuss about? How can it be such a specialized field?

For a start, Keep Fiction in mind!  Fully Automatic Conveyor Tensioning Control Systems

  • Designed for Forward/Reverse or AC Variable Drive Control of Take-Up Winch. Tension-Controlled Speed of AC Drive enables increased Winch Take-Up Rate along with an efficient gearbox design
  • No Limit to Winch size. Direct Display of Tension. Interactive Menu System with Secure Parameter Menus.
  • Simple 3-Wire Interlinking to Main Control. Four Quadrant Winch Speed Control.
  • Interfaces to any Conveyor Acceleration Control System.
  • ModBus TCP Ethernet Communications Port can be converted to any ProfiBus, DeviceNet, etc to Central Control.
  • Brake automatically controlled by VSD. Zero Winch Brake Wear.
  • Quadrature Encoder Differential Opto-Isolated Input for Winch Motor.
  • Conveyor Speed Pulse Input.
  • The Abacus Winches Take-Up Trolley Limit Monitoring is always included as Standard

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