Vertical Sheave Wheels And Horizontal Sheave Wheels

Vertical Sheave Wheels and Horizontal Sheave Wheels designed and Manufactured for the Mining and Industrial Markets, the Abacus Winches Range of Welded Machined Sheaves includes different Construction Designs that adapt perfectly to the demands of the different sectors of Market for Winches, Winders, Hoists, Conveyor Take-up Systems, Drilling, Rigging and also Sheave Wheel specifically Designs for the Forestry industry to allow them to haul trolleys.


  • Anti-Seize Sheave Wheels with minimal Friction
  • Quality design for mounting in tension or in compression and can be fitted with Load Cells
  • Designed according to bending ratios for ropes
  • The Abacus Sheave Wheels and be used with Steel Wire Ropes and Synthetic Fibre Rope
  • Abacus Offer self-Lubricating Sheave Wheels
  • Professional designed and Certified in various sizes Sheave Wheels for different ropes & loads.
  • Sheaves are fabricated and fully machined to Client’s Specification when requested
  • Special Sheave Wheel Design and Manufacturing is available
  • Rope Keeper Plate to prevent rope from slipping off

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